A PVC Fence is the Ideal Choice

It is no doubt a truism that "good fences make good neighbors" until that wall deteriorates and your neighbors complain about its appearance. Many homeowner associations require that the more attractive wood fencing be used to keep the neighborhood looking pretty and unified. Unfortunately, the homeowner associations aren't paying the bills for maintaining those woods fences that deteriorate so quickly in the humid climate. Rot, mildew, insects, and more attack that wood no matter how well it is treated and maintained to reduce its life and demand repair and replacement in a very short time.

When considering the ideal type of fencing for your home when you are restricted by subdivision rules, you may not realize that there is an alternative to wood. There is an excellent alternative to wood, and that is PVC. A PVC fence in can be the superior choice. It has an identical appearance to a beautiful, painted wood fence and comes in just as many different styles. Appearance is where the similarities end, however. Unlike a wood fence, a PVC fence will never rot, peel, flake, corrode, or be munched into dust by termites or other wood-boring insects. It will never need to be weather treated or painted. The color will never fade, and splintered boards will never have to be replaced.

There must be a drawback, right? Not really. PVC costs about 30 percent more initially than wood, but the installation costs are less expensive since the PVC panels are pre-molded to your exact specifications to simply snap together. What makes a PVC fence in Florida the most economical choice by far is its life span.

There has been some concern that PVC off-gassing might have negative environmental impact, though to date there has been no definitive determination of harm. Wood fencing is treated with such chemicals as creosote, arsenic, and lead to preserve it in the humid climate. Those chemicals are known to be harmful as they continuously leech into the soil. Knowing that, PVC can be argued to be the more environmentally friendly choice and safer for children and pets.

When it's time to replace that deteriorating wood fence, look into a PVC fence to replace it once and for all. Then sit back and enjoy it knowing you'll never have to expend any further time, effort, or money on your fence ever again.